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HRM Software Subscription Plan Page

Flexible Subscription Levels

QS+ HRM is free for up to 5 employees. If you require more, change your subscription to fit your organization. Credits are automatically credited into account upon downgrading from a paid plan and pro-rated according to the amount of time used

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Beautiful Profile Dashboard

Allow employees to login and apply for leave, claim expenses and monitor payroll all from one intuitive and modern dashboard

HRM Software Employee Profile Page
HRM Software Web Chat / Messaging

Web Messaging

Employees can login and chat with one another from their dashboard. Group can be created to facilitate team or department wide notifications or messaging

Beautiful Payrolls

Print and manage employee payrolls with ease using QS+ HRM software. Print beautiful payrolls for safe keeping or submission to tax authorities

HRM Software Employee Payroll View / Print
HRM Software Employee Access Rights Page

Access Rights Control

Assign department heads to be able to manage their team members or allow your business partners complete access to your company account, our access rights control dashboard allows for complete flexibility to your requirements

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  • Cost free plan for up to 5 employees

  • Leave Management

  • Off in Lieu Management

  • Payroll Management

  • Company Department Management

  • Company Position Managment

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Expenses Claim Management

  • Employee Management

  • Employee Login Accounts

  • Employee Task Management

  • Web Messaging / Chatting

  • Interactive & Modern Design

  • Beautiful Printable Payrolls


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